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Jeff Rothkopf is a Miami-based singer-songwriter who has been writing songs, screenplays, stage musicals and novels since he was six years old, and writing has remained in his blood throughout his lifetime.  While he earned his doctorate in Psychology at University of Miami, he also served as the co-editor-in-chief of The South Florida Screenwriters Guild’s newsletter; he was the playwright, composer and lyricist for Sensations, an interactive comedy musical produced in Coconut Grove; wrote the promotional half-hour comedic teleplay based on Adam Steinfeld’s book, Stupid Bar Tricks; he was a finalist in America’s Best national writing competition for a speculative teleplay he wrote for Star Trek: The Next Generation; and he was the screenwriter for the 2nd place winner in the South Florida short films competition.  Similarly, while he has for over two decades been the owner and primary instructor for Higher Standards, a successful SAT/ACT preparation firm, he has also been working on his Rummage Through The Junkyard CD and has been writing the fictional one-man play about Junkyard Jeff that provides the framework for the album.  Over the next five years he plans to complete one or two additional stage musicals, a follow-up CD and at least one screenplay, and he also plans to offer live performances of the play, which will include all of the songs from the Rummage Through The Junkyard album.

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