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CD Reviews

STEPHANIE KEIME: On my drives, Jeff and his thought-provoking music are perfect companions. The tunes are so catchy and I love the arrangements. Listening to the lyrics is like having a reflective conversation with a long-time friend. I highly recommend Jeff's album.
DAVID MILLER: A masterful work of art.
DEBORAH MEAD: If you're looking for an album to play as background music, "Rummage through the Junkyard" isn't the CD for you. "Rummage" demands your attention with its sophisticated lyrics and complex themes. The whole album is an engrossing, enjoyable experience, but two songs in particular really stood out for me. The title song moved me with its Eleanor Rigby-esque glimpses at the lives of strangers. And "Coming of Age" was haunting and poignant in its portrait of a reluctant retiree. The music in "Coming of Age" was especially beautiful. Listening to the album makes me want to see the play even more, so I hope Jeff Rothkopf will stage another show in the future!
KATHY CALHOUN: I have listened to Jeff's CD and truly enjoyed it! Love the stories it tells.
MELANY & JOHN SHAPIRO: We really enjoyed Rummage Through the Junkyard. Jeff Rothkopf has done a terrific job creating an interesting, fleshed-out, real character. The album delivers powerful messages but does so without preaching – it just naturally lets a complex story flow through expert development. The music, lyrics and arrangements are well-crafted and engaging throughout – the listener is never bored and is always entertained. Jeff Rothkopf has done a fine job making social commentary accessible and enjoyable.  We’d certainly recommend Rummage Through the Junkyard.

Play Reviews

CYBELE AND SOPHIA BOTRAN: Amazing! What a beautiful production. The lyrics were heartful, energizing, insightful with hints of humor and pain. An inside look into the humanity of homelessness. A one-man show worth seeing!
NOAH BARQUEZ-ARIAS: I loved absolutely everything, from the in-depth character development to the moving melodies to the way you were able to carry your voice so well. The humor blended in well with the darker, mature themes...
LESLEY ECKHARDT: As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I found this performance to be a very powerful glimpse into the human condition and, more specifically, the life of the homeless.  The relationships and range of emotions expressed were quite relatable, no matter your place in society. 
MILLIE BOWLES: I enjoyed the show very much. The story was moving -- I laughed, I cried. The songs were incredible -- true to life. The show was so believable -- the characters -- I thought they were real. I'll always look at the homeless differently now.
DEBORAH SAVILLE: (The) songwriting and showmanship talent is impeccable and full of heart. But the storyline is one of humility and one that any listener or audience would relate to on many levels. Bravo!
MINETTE LEVY: A truly enjoyable show.  Well acted, well coordinated and well performed.
HANA PORCH: I have listened to your album many many times, but none of those times could compare to watching the stories behind the songs unfold! I found myself so engrossed in the storyline and almost cried more than once! 11/10! I loved it!
PAUL HOYLE: Great story! It really hits the heart!
HANNAH CALHOUN: This show was incredible. The emotions were so genuine and raw -- I felt my blood pressure rise as the character grew angry and my eyes water during the last few scenes. Excellent show, incredible story, and completely captivating emotions.
GENEVIEVE MATOS: It was a truly amazing and inspirational night that has changed my perspective of the world for the better. It was a very genuine story that I think people can relate to, with great songs that contain lots of heart.
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