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Junkyard Jeff has had to overcome betrayal, depression, homelessness and a near-fatal accident in order to, against all odds, manage to release this original CD.  If you would like to know his complete story, there are two ways to do so.  

(1) When you click on the “ABOUT” button at the top of this page and scroll down to “NEWS STORY”, you can read an article covering Jeff’s incredible tale.  

(2) To hear the story in more depth and from Junkyard Jeff’s perspective, click on the MUSIC link at the top of this page: this will take you to a page where you can preview and purchase every song on his album (as well as a single that will eventually appear on his second album).  If you click on the “Behind The Scenes” buttons that appear next to each song title, you will be able to read Junkyard Jeff’s backstory for each song; if you read these backstories sequentially from the first song of the album to the last, they will take you along on Jeff’s journey from his pre-junkyard days all the way through to today.

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